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Improve the Condition of Your Roof with Re-roofing

Have you decided to re-roof your Northern Virginia business? Have you been considering getting a new roof put on your business after damage to your existing roof? Are you wondering where to start? Orndorff & Spaid is a commercial roofing company that will be happy to take on your re-roofing project and get your building’s roof looking new again. Our contractors have years of experience in the roofing industry, and we strive to make each client’s project a priority. We promise that you’ll love the look of your new roof, and your clients may notice the improved look of your building, too.

Tear Off or Lay Over Re-roofing Projects

When you hire us to work on your reroofing project, we will discuss whether it’s best to have a tear off or lay over roof. Depending on the condition of your current roof, and the material used for the roof, it may be best to completely move the old roof and lay a fresh roof. In some cases, it’s acceptable to perform a lay over roof job, where new materials are put on top of existing materials. Only our experienced roofing contractors can tell which method would be best after inspecting the current condition of your roof.

We Have an Efficient Re-roofing Timeline

The average re-roofing project can take a few weeks, but the actual time-line is dependent upon the size of the roof and the work needed to remove damaged areas of the roof. Our roofers work normal business hours and work hard to get your new roof completed in a timely manner. If you live in Northern Virginia and want to update the current look or condition of your commercial roof, call us today to schedule a consultation.